Children Embracing in Circle

Pathfinder Foundation is a recognized 501c3 charitable foundation providing a blend of services to the community of Dutchess County New York:


    Direct services and programming for youth development,  programming to support youth development indirectly through community and family engagement, and services and programming for mentally handicapped children.

    Community engagement will include providing engaging community events tailored to appeal to the County’s vibrant and diverse community, as well as options to allow groups and entities to reserve the facilities for events and activities.



School Trip in Forest

The Summer Program 

The summer program at Camp Nooteeming will be a special environment where kids come together to have fun. Within the natural beauty of the camp's setting, children develop a sense of independence as they try new adventures away from home. Summer camps are known for providing a safe environment where children gain self-confidence as they learn new skills. Outdoor education and team building curricula will be cornerstones. A “soft launch” of summer activities in summer 2022, through Dutchess County's  sponsorship.

School Bus

The After School Program

The after school program at Camp Nooteeming will be high-quality and equitable. The program will support social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development, reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and provide a safe and supportive environment for children and youth. Outdoor education and team building curricula will be cornerstones. Pathfinder will investigate a “soft launch” of programming for fall of 2023, through its partner network.


The Soccer Program

Pathfinder FC is proud of its youth development program. Pathfinder offers more programming, at a higher quality, for less. The program is unique in that it offers year-round programming, high level competition, opportunities to travel internationally, coaches from around the world with fresh ideas and a progressive view of the game. The $3500 per person cost for the program has been subsidized by Pathfinder Academy and Pathfinder Foundation.  The remaining $750 fee covers the entire cost of the program from August - June, including winter training. Additionally, in fall 2023, Pathfinder Foundation will organize "Pathfinder Genuine," a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with intellectual disabilities. 


In preparation for public access, the camp must be brought up to County standards for safety, ADA compliance and in line with public health standards.  The planned launch of the access listed below will rely on the County’s ability to make the camp ready to these standards. 


In addition to the programming for youth and family services, Pathfinder Foundation intends to create and maintain opportunities for groups and entities to access the amenities and services/programming at the camp. Plan your next group outing at the camp!   Send us an inquiry to learn more about the corporate events, leadership and team building events we can organize for your group, OR free to reserve a campsite for your self-service group outing!

Community Days - free admission, cash prizes, family fun, free youth events

A list of the current community days can be found here: Community Days

More than any other sport, soccer has the potential to create community engagement across diverse backgrounds, and unify them. Professional football (soccer) clubs around the world have historically had a significant connection with their local communities. During the sport’s early years many of the pioneering professional clubs were borne out of local entities such as Working Men’s Clubs, church organizations or prominent industries. As clubs developed through the 19th century, they were also a distraction from the toil and under-developed living and working conditions. Clubs became linked to cities, towns or districts and have developed long standing relationships with local communities. It is our desire to see Pathfinder Football Club recognized as a symbol of civic pride and personal identity. 


In conjunction with home games, we will create community days open to the public. There will be NO CHARGE for admission. We will leverage local vendors and businesses to create a “festival environment” of food, games and activities. The many professions that align with a professional sports team will be on full display and will be open to internship opportunities. Marist College is already in an internship partnership with Pathfinder, and we plan to expand to BOCES and Dutchess County Community College as well. Communications, Media, Hospitality, Sports Management, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Facilities Management, Finance, Nutrition, Mental and Physical Wellness professional internships, mentorship and shadowing opportunities will be available to Dutchess County youth.    


In addition to the Spring, Summer and Fall community days aligned with pre-professional soccer matches, Pathfinder will host a winter festival to increase public awareness of our winter program activities.


Current Services