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Kids need to be their true selves and enjoy a sense of belonging.

They grow confident through encouragement and these relationships are built at camp.

Summer camp is magic.

Programming is intentional.

Staff are hand-picked.

We encourage kids, even if what they're doing is challenging.

Kids need to belong - no matter what activities they love to do.

We all want to belong.

Belonging is a magical feeling.

It's a feeling that can last all day, all month, all year - a lifetime.

Remembering the times when you belong can give you the strength to carry you on your path forward.

At camp, (and in life!) we get to choose the direction of our tracks.

Be the journey.

Create your tracks.

Camp Pathfinder TRACKS

Pathfinder TRACKS are individualized organizational systems implemented daily and designed for campers to enjoy, suiting a variety of abilities and interests.


Some Pathfinder TRACKS may include:


CREATE - art and creative expression through performance or portfolio


GROW - agriculture and nature focused, sustainability, eco-friendly


TEAM - sports and exercise skills, enhancing overall healthy living goals


ADVENTURE - survive, adapt, and thrive on the trail, immersed in nature


Pathfinder TRACKS will guide the camp experience along with many other fun, engaging, and intentional activities planned throughout the day focused on real world development and positive social relationship building with peers.


We Believe a Camp Journey Should Include

  • Trained, nurturing camp professionals and current classroom educators on staff

  • Outdoor experiences, team building, and embedded education opportunities

  • Sustainability projects, nature play, art, and agriculture

  • Animal therapy and animal care basics

  • Sports, exercise and healthy living strategies

  • Adventure challenges, orienteering, boating, and exploring

  • Camping and survival basics, including outdoor tenting & cooking

  • Fine arts, creative expression, portfolio development

  • Photography, mixed media projects, process art immersion

  • Relationship building, empathy, and personal goal-setting

  • Celebrating and encouraging success among self and others

Did you know that your camper can attend Pathfinder soccer camp as part of their summer camp experience?!?! Just select the camp weeks June 24th and/or July 28th to take part.  All ages and abilities are welcome. 

Pricing & Benefits


                            $2,200     SAVE $200!

                            $3,400    SAVE $200!

                            $4,300    SAVE $500!

  • 10% sibling discount and friend referral savings 

  • morning transportation included - ease your commute!

  • early/late extended care options included 


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